Hiking, cycling and much more ...

Perfect for an eventful holiday!

The surroundings and landscape around Schwangau offer diverse and varied recreational activities during all seasons of the year for guests of all ages.

On level ground cycle, stroll, walk around the mountain lakes, or ascend small hills, visit rustic huts, climb the highest peaks - all this is offered in unspoiled nature around Neuschwanstein Castle. The many pristine lakes invite you to swim during the summertime.

Whether beginner, pro, or recreational athlete – everyone gets their money's worth and the clear, clean air will do you good too!


With a filled backpack, a little time, and a some physical condition, you will definitely enjoy the picturesque landscape during a hike.

120 km of well-laid out and maintained hiking trails for recreational hikers as well as for experienced and physically fit hikers. Take the Breitenberg Gondola up to the "nature's largest sun terrace". In summer, the alpine pasture area offers numerous possibilities for hiking outings for the entire family.

The Lakes

Both in winter and in summer the lakes around Schwangau have their charm, be it the Forggensee, Alpsee, Bannwaldsee, Alatsee or Schwansee. Stroll, walk, jog, do all kinds of water sports- the Allgaeu lakes make it possible.

Mountains with spectacular panoramas

The Saeuling is the most beautiful and prominant mountain above Schwangau. But also the neighboring Tegelberg offers a breathtaking view into the gentle Alpine foothills and the southern peaks after a hike or cable car ride. Also the Breitenberg in nearby Pfronten is a popular destination with its cable car and rustic mountain peak huts. Additionally, countless hikes and walks in the area allow you to climb even the smaller mountains with lots of exciting retreats.

Nordic Walking

Discover this perfect body conditioning and train endurance, strength, agility, and coordination. In Schwangau there are well-marked Nordic Walking routes, which range in level from easy - middle - difficult.


A comprehensive network of paths in and around Schwangau offer many nice destinations for cyclists. A very popular route is the tour around the Lake Forggensee (32 km) or to the World Cultural Heritage site, Church in the Wies (25 km). Mountain bikers can bike on the long Breitenberg circuit from the "Hochalp-Forstweg" and the "Ostler-Forstweg"- or just take the bikes up per cable car and ride downhill.

Tegelberg Mountain Cable Car

The Tegelberg cable car is the gateway to the largest nature reserve in Bavaria, the "Ammer Mountains". The Tegelberg cable car offer numerous possibilities. Enjoy - whatever you mood - cultural highlights, natural beauty, and the sporting recreational activities such as hang-gliding or paragliding around the Tegelberg mountain.

GEO-Trail Pfronten-Vils

Geology created our mountains. The Geo-Trail is a lengthy day tour. It can also be divided into three half-day stages. The trail's goal is not to instruct, but rather to inform. It transports an impression of the uniqueness and beauty of this landscape. Nature can inspire us and some background knowledge helps us to see our surroundings from a different perspective.

The Lake Region around Schwangau

Whatever kind of fun you like to have in and on the water all you have to do is choose. Whether sailing, wind surfing, swimming or rowing, fishing or paddling: simply help yourself!

Lake Forggensee - right near the hotel

It is an artificial lake and is the fourth largest lake in Bavaria. Beginning mid-June til the end of October it is a paradise for water sports. The lakeshore is undeveloped and has mostly free access.

Lake Alpsee

It was King Ludwig's favorite swimming hole and attracts visitors with its romanticism.

Lake Bannwaldsee

Situated in large nature reserve of 560 hectares. An idyllic path leads around the lake, here you may swim or fish.

Lake Schwansee

A perfect swimming lake far away from traffic and street noise. The lake is not very deep and is popular because of its warm temperature.